SHU-CAFÉ:  Seton Hall University Chinese American Friendship in Education

  • Informal gatherings of students from China and elsewhere to explore ways to assist each other so that the experience of education in the USA will be a mutually enriching experience.
  • Share our faith and life experience with Chinese speaking students at SHU
  • Assist students in getting oriented to the US culture and campus life
  • Assist students in getting help in learning and other needs


Activity Pictures

8/27/16 SHU-CAFE

4/23/16 SHU-CAFE

3/12/16 SHU-CAFE

2/27/16 SHU-CAFE

11/14/15 SHU-CAFE

10/24/15 SHU-CAFE

9/26/15 SHU-CAFE

9/12/15 SHU-CAFE

8/29/15 SHU-CAFE